temp rewards

UX Research, Branding, UX and UI App Design

The brief

To brand and design a ground-breaking application that encourages temporary worker recruitment, retention and productivity in the social care sector.

What I did

From joining Facebook groups to meet potential app users, to wireframes and UI design, this app was designed to alleviate the strain on the recruitment industry, particularly in the care sector. 

The branding was designed to lean into the gamification side of the app, reflecting the ‘hive mentality’ of the care sector workers and to stand out from their nearest competitors.

Users can earn TempCoins by working shifts, completing training and referring colleagues. They can then cash them in for rewards such as coffee vouchers and adventure days out.


The result

The app we created for Temp Rewards benefits both temps and employers, putting workers in control of their work-life balance and incentivising them to do their job well.

The integrated solutions we developed improved the efficiency of sourcing temporary staff, enhancing continuity of care for users and saving organisations time and money, with guaranteed temp capacity. 

The app and full branding project was completed within budget and allows Temp Rewards to proceed with their expansion plans.